October Contest Winner

Through the swirling mist…

Poor Seth lay sprawled out on the hardwood floor, a knife sticking out of his neck, drips of blood falling from the tip and landing in a pool under his ear. The knife of course was fake and the blood was just a syrup mix but Samantha thought their guests would find it to be a brilliant gag. Her and Seth planned on releasing this little gem about half way through their party tonight, give some speech about being done with his shit or something like that, and then stab him right in his neck, the handle hiding the plastic blade and some sticky tape holding it against his body. Seth stood up and glared at her.

Don’t hit me so hard next time, Jesus. That frigging hurt.”

“Sorry but I need to make it believable. I’m stabbing you not tickling you.”

“Oh whatever, Elvira.” she felt his eyes staring all over her pillowy breasts.

She raised her eyebrows, “You eyeing up my tits, Seth?”

Yes I am Samantha, err, I mean Elvira. This zombie likes what he sees. How did you manage to squeeze those things into that top anyway?”

I had to stretch it out to make them fit.” she lowered the front of her Elvira gown down, revealing her large fleshy globes, her long black Elvira wig covering her nipples. Seth’s eyes got big. “See?”

Wow are you a tease. You’re only doing that because you know I can’t play with them bad boys right now, you know, with your sister on the way.”

Maybe, if you’re good Mr. Zombie, I’ll treat you to some party head, only if you’re good.”

I’m always good. Make sure you're still wearing that black lipstick.” he smiled his wicked smile, grabbed some paper towels from the counter and bent down to clean up the mess from all the fake blood.

She got busy getting the rest of the appetizers together. The Great White Pumpkin cheese ball that she made was always a party favorite and this year’s already had a few pieces missing, someone had to sample it. In the center of the breakfast bar was the punch bowl, this year it was filled with Blood Rum Punch, made from red wine and rum. Her famous Halloween orange and chocolate pudding Jell-O cups were chilling in the fridge. Samantha took a sip from her cup, tasting the punch, and warmth spread into her belly.

She saw him bent over, he was scrubbing the hardwood in between the dining room and her new kitchen, and his tight ass was sticking up into the air. She wanted to grab it. She thought about how his ass cheeks normally felt, their tightness, while he was thrusting into her. She wanted him - oh so badly - to penetrate her now on the smooth black granite breakfast bar. His arm would push the things onto the floor that were in their way. Maybe she’d sit on the bar; the coolness of the bar on her naked behind would send chills up her spine and give him easy access. She’d put her legs on his shoulders, see his cock enter her, feel his eyes all over her. She’d pull her top down, begging for him to suck at her breasts and nipples and he would come for her, after his deep strokes had brought her to her own orgasm. Bet he would never look at Elvira on television the same way again.

Her nipples were hard, she could feel them trying to burst through her gown, and she could feel how wet her slit was. Maybe it was pretending to be someone else that was turning her on so much. Amazing that her and Seth had kept their sex lives eventful even after 6 years of marriage, her friends had told her sob stories about their great dusty caverns of love. Seth, tall, his curly blond hair, his body in great shape from his daily jogging, was still hot, dressed as a zombie or not. She loved the way she felt right now, so sexy, sooo horny, she really needed to dress up more often.

He stood up. "Well, since I can't do you right now, I'm going to make sure I can't fit anymore beers in the cooler. Maybe drinking one would help. You want anything?"

"No, I'm good." he left the room and she heard the soft click from the sliding door as it closed. Almost as if on cue, the front door opened and familiar voices spilled into the foyer.

"Samantha! Hello?" She heard footsteps across the great room and then her sister and husband appeared in the kitchen dressed as Batman and the Catwoman. Batman was holding a twelve pack of Oktoberfest. "Tim, you didn't have to bring beer." Samantha said. “We have plenty.”

"You know my husband. Hey, you look great Samantha."

“Thanks sis. That Catwoman suit looks good on you.”

"Thanks. Tim thinks I make a very slutty cat. Okay, that isn't quite what he said but I hate saying the p-word." they all laughed. Samantha looked down and found her fingers on either side of the cup, stroking it slowly. Her fingers curled around it, lifting it into the air, and she slurped it greedily.

Samantha, where’s Seth?” Batman asked.

“Oh Tim, he’s out on the back deck dry humping the beer cooler.”

“Got it. I think I’ll help him out - we can tag team it, I’ll take the front.”

“Gross, you sick boys.” Hannah said. Tim strode out of the room, his cape billowing behind him.

Okay Samantha, give me something to drink. What tasty treats do you have this year?”

“I have the Blood Rum Punch I made. I’ve been sampling it, it’s good. This might be my drink of choice tonight.”

Alright, I see you’re drinking. I didn’t want to ask you about it but since it is early and no one is here yet - test results negative? Everything is okay?”

“Yes. Doctor called me yesterday to tell me that we are both perfectly healthy. They have no idea why we haven’t been able to get pregnant. Pee test this morning was negative. Soooo, I’m getting drunk and acting wild today. End of story.”

“It will happen Samantha. Doesn’t always happen right away.”

“It’s been eight months. Even been using that damn ovulation calendar. Nothing.”

“Don’t get discouraged.”

“I’m not yet but I am going to try to stop obsessing, at least for today, and have a good time.”

“I’ll join you. So, how many people do you have coming today?”

“Around forty or so. Both Seth and I have people coming from work and the neighbors up the street are coming. Neighbors just moved here a few months ago, you remember seeing them at our summer thing? Anyway, Seth has played cards with Paul a few times but, truthfully, I just can’t stand his wife Carla. I promised Seth I’d try to make nicey, nicey but my God she doesn’t stop talking about herself.” She got up from the kitchen stool and headed over to the fridge, opened it and rooted around the drawers. She needed to get the salad done and to put the cocktail meatballs in the microwave. She turned to face Hannah “Hey, help with finish getting these appetizers together will you? I’m almost done. I’ve got a fresh new bottle of Jager chilling, by the way. Thought you’d be interested in that.”

“Yummy. You are planning on getting snookered.”

“Told you. Plus, I’m going to get knocked up tonight."

"Wait a minute, what? I thought you weren't obsessing."

"I’m not. I feel like if I stop thinking about it, during it, it might happen. You remember Rachel, my friend from college? Tried for months, and then got blitzed at a friend’s party, screwed in a back bedroom and bang, 9 months later, baby Billy. Perfectly healthy. Oh, here’s the salad. Can you cut up these tomatoes? Thanks.”


Later, as the sun was going down, the guests started pouring in. Most notably, the neighbors, Paul in a Paul Bunyan outfit, his checkered red and black plaid shirt and Carla, his annoying wife, wearing a strapless Cherokee warrior outfit, shorts with a fringed design, with beads around her waist, her blond hair in pigtails. The reason behind the costume was obvious, her tits looked enormous. Samantha thought she needed to wear a large white t-shirt instead.

Hey Paul, Carla, welcome. Thanks for bringing a dessert.”

No problem Samantha.” Joe said.

Can you two go ahead and put this stuff in the fridge? Of course, the beer is on the back deck, food, liquor, wine and my world famous Punch is on the breakfast bar.”

“Hello Samantha” Cherokee Warrior said “I love the way you have your living room setup. Those curtains are FAB! They aren't quite the same fabric as mine, are yours dirty? Tell me though, where did you find them?”


“Oh. So, what do think of my costume Sam”, she twirled, “Too much? Found it in an online catalog. I’ve been hitting the gym a little harder and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to fit in it but a few hard days on the treadmill and it slipped right on.”

“That’s great Carla. Those things look pretty over the top. Back pain?”

What things? Back pain? What do you mean?”

Nevermind, look, can you excuse me, I have to go and play host.” she walked back through the great room and turned into the kitchen. Some of her sister’s friends were standing around the sink getting ready to do shots from the Jager bottle. “I’d love one of those Kaitlin. Please.”

“Sure thing Sam, here” Samantha tossed it back, feeling that dark burn and the nice warm feeling spread into her stomach. Her tongue slid out and got a taste of more Jager which had been clinging to her lips. Those shots never disappointed, let the night begin. She filled up a new cup with punch, took a big swig, and set it on the island. Her head was starting to feel clearer and she smiled at Wonder Woman, who was approaching her.

Hey Samantha! Hi!” It was her co-worker Diane, she had been working with her for a while, paralegals know how to have fun and all that, and she was glad she could come.

Hey D. Love the Wonder outfit. No white stockings?”

This isn’t Wonder Woman Hooker. Paul coming?"

Yes, he's here and so is his wife, be careful.”

What do you mean? He's a nice guy, funny, charming, hot.”

"You want to fuck him."

“Me? No way." she winked. "Fine, I admit we hit it off at your summer cookout. I've been thinking about him - so what? I know he's married."

"You do what you want, you're a grown lady. I'm just stating a fact. Look, grab a drink. I'll be back, I need to find Seth.” The trash was overflowing; she needed more bottles of wine from the basement, and who better to do all that than the man of the house? She strode into the living room and was pleased at how crowded it was, a lot more crowded than she thought it was going to be. The one thing she realized, after all the years of having this party, was that RSVP’s were useless; people came or they didn’t. No damn card or email really confirmed anything. She walked by a group of people standing by her couch and listening to her co-worker, Lloyd, who was wearing a wicked scarecrow costume, give out his usual Halloween warnings. He ran his own blog Halloween Happenings and every year spent time lecturing everyone on scary Halloween lure. Samantha believed none of it.

Vampire bats are a well-known problem all over this town! You didn’t see it in the paper? Last year, a man out on Willow Drive got bit and the bite killed him within a few hours. Then, he rose from the grave two days later." She heard some jeers from the group of people standing but he continued on, unfazed, "I'm serious about this, be careful, run quickly to your car later, they are known to attack more frequently on October 31st! It’s true!”

There goes Lloyd again” Catwoman said, who was sitting on the couch, rolling her eyes. “Honestly every year! Vampire bats aren’t poisonous Lloyd, sheesh.” A few laughed.

He totally ignored her, “Goblins will switch human babies at the time of their birth with their own spawn, forcing the humans into servitude to raise their ugly offspring. Witches? Oh goodness, the ones in Wizard of Oz got nothing on the real thing. Real witches can be anyone. They don’t wear the hats and robes but are everyday people, just like you and me. Wiccans. Truthfully, I think this makes them scarier. They could be your own wife, casting spells on you, forcing you into a life of servitude!"

What else Lloyd? What are some of the other scary Halloween - fictional characters?” Catwoman asked, taking a sip of her drink and turning her head to wink at Samantha.

They aren’t fiction. Trust me on that one. Zombies are real. Haven’t you been watching the Walking Dead? I have! Here's one for the ladies. These have recently been spotted more and more frequently; Ex semine hominis which is Latin for seed from man, or otherwise known as the Hellseed Succubus. Have you heard of them? Let’s just say that Hellseeds boost their supernatural powers from - uhh – well I’ll let all of you deduce that one. They are also flesh eaters, mostly woman.”

Honestly Lloyd, that’s your nastiest one yet. Where do you come up with this shit?” Catwoman cried.

Of course there are just plain old ghosts; there are probably a whole bunch of ghosts walking around this room. I can sense one of them behind me right now.” he turned and yelled out “boo!” to his wife, who screamed loudly, and gave him the finger, the middle.

My God, hellseeds, that’s disgusting.” Cherokee Warrior said as she stomped out of the room, her beads jingling. Samantha had heard enough of his yearly gibberish and headed out to the back deck to find Seth.

The October wind was blowing the light drizzle around as Samantha made her way outside, dusk had finally lost the fight and the darkness had won. Seth was outside on the deck, reclined back in one of their loungers, smoking a cigarette and talking to Batman. Seth was one of those people who smoked when they drank. She thought it made him taste like the ass end of a trash can. “What are you doing out here? It’s raining.”

It’s not too bad out. The house seems to be blocking a lot of it. Anyway, I’m almost done with this cigarette.”

Seth, can you take the garbage out please? It’s overflowing onto the floor in the kitchen. It’s pretty disgusting.”

Sure thing babe.” he snuffed out the cigarette and breezed past her into the house, closing the sliding door behind him. “You’re looking awfully sexy tonight Elvira.” Batman said, giving her a wink.

Thanks Tim, I’ve been working out.”

I heard, by the way, the tests. I won’t mention it again but know that I’m really pulling for you guys.”

“Thanks Tim. You coming inside? I want to get out of this rain.” She slid open the door and Tim stood up and entered. She followed in after him and closed the door. She barely made it into the living room before the lights went out.


Someone screamed. Jesus, that’s fucking childish, she thought, but she froze when she saw out the back window at how black everything was. Pitch black. She held her hand up near her face and wriggled her fingers and could hardly make out the outlines. In the front of the house, through the big bay window, she could see that all of the streetlights and all of the houses were out. Seemingly out of nowhere, the wind picked up and could be heard outside whipping against the house and there were two loud bangs, one right after the other, like shotgun blasts. She spun her head all around, trying to locate the source, but in the darkness it was impossible to see. Suddenly, there were scratching noises from outside and the whole party now seemed to freeze, the low chatter stopping. Silence. Samantha heard the noise again, louder this time, striking the back, side and front windows. A loud shriek pierced the night, causing someone in the great room to sob softly. She heard something in the distance, a car, and it seemed to be getting louder, closer.

Samantha was officially freaking out. If this was some kind of gag, put on by some conniving friends of hers, she would get her revenge. She also wished the person doing it would stop; it was starting to feel too real. The vehicle, that seemed to be driving towards them, was steadily getting closer.

She could feel a hand on her back, her neck, delicately touching her, and she jumped, letting out a scream. She could hear Seth whispering in her ear, “shhh”, and his hands worked their way around her waist, dipping into the front of her costume and grabbing both of her breasts. He caressed them, softly tweaking the nipples, and she moaned softly in his ear. She could feel his hardness pressing into her backside.

You son of a bitch, you scared the crap out of me. What's going on Seth, do you hear that? What kind of car is that?” she whispered.

She couldn’t resist though, scared or no, and her right hand reached behind her and felt his length, which was trying to bury itself in her back. She worked her hand up and down over his jeans, stroking him, and he nibbled on her ear. From outside came a loud scream and a honk and she stopped her stroking, “Seth, we should find out what is going on.”

He released himself from her and they walked to the foyer and peaked out through the small windows. He reached the door handle and turned it but it wouldn’t budge. “It’s locked!”


"Yes, locked."

"Well unlock it, duh, don't act stupid Seth."

"It’s unlocked on the inside. The problem is it's locked on the outside!" He pulled the handle and yanked the door towards him, giving it everything he had. "Damn! It won't budge!"

“Locked on the outside? How’s that possible Seth?”

Samantha could hear the roar from an engine growing louder, almost as if it was coming right into their house, and she heard the distinct sounds of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, his voice echoing out in the silence. Seth tried the handle again, pulling with all his might. “What the fuck Sam. This is crazy. Is someone singing?"

What’s going on?” Lloyd stuttered. He was standing under the door frame between the foyer and the great room, his wife was gripping his arm. “If this is a fake attempt to scare us, it’s pretty damn good. Bravo to whoever it doing it. Personally, I think it’s the work of witches, witches! They are everywhere!!! Is it you Samantha? Are you the witch?”

Samantha made her way out of the foyer and stood near the bay window, looking out. She could see headlights coming up the road through the swirling fog and it cast the room in a strange white light. Her sister, Hannah, was standing next to her.

“Samantha, what’s happening?" Hannah whispered in her ear.

I’m not sure sis. Something freaky is going on right now. Someone has to be playing a practical joke, just don’t know who. Let me tell Seth about the car coming.”

She walked back into the foyer and saw Seth pulling at the door still. “Damn it!” he said.

Seth, there’s a car coming.”

Suddenly there was a shriek from outside, so high pitched that Samantha grabbed her ears. They ran back into the great room and looked out the window. Slowly, through the swirling mist, a cab pulled up to the curb in front of their house, its windows black. Thriller, “share a killer thriller. Tonight!” was blaring from a small speaker attached to the roof.

The driver door opened and a short man, wearing a cabbie cap got out. There was something not quite right about how he looked, his hands were disfigured, several of the fingers were reaching out at odd angles and he walked hunched over. He opened the back door of the cab and two figures got out. As they walked into the glare from the headlights, she could see, through the mist, a man escorting a lady; a pair of handcuffs hanging from his waist, his cop uniform unbuttoned a quarter of the way down his chest and a cop hat planted firmly on his head. The woman holding his arm was wearing an appalling black cat outfit, extremely tight fitting, leaving nearly nothing to the imagination, with pink crisscrosses across the front and a skirt that stopped just a hair over her girlie bit. Totally disgusting.

Hey,” Seth said, “its Joe from work. I have no clue who that is with him but whoa.” The cab driver approached the door and Samantha almost screamed out at the sight of him, he was so gaunt, his skin so tight across his face, almost skeleton like. He turned in her direction through the window and smiled at her; he had no teeth. Vincent Price was talking about terrorizing your neighborhood; Samantha thought that was pretty fitting.

She was about to turn and run, just to get out of the living room and away from this whole scene when suddenly, the front door opened, Joe and his date entered the foyer and everything came back on, light flooding the house and street. Thriller stopped and the radio in the house started playing The Monster Mash again and she could see Seth’s face; he looked frightened, really frightened. As the couple stepped into the great room, Samantha peered out through the front door for the cab and saw that it was gone, the mist swirling in its place.

Seth I presume? I'm so glad you invited us.”

Well hello there that was some frigging entrance.” he said, laughing nervously.

What happened? Power outage or something?” she asked.

We aren’t sure. Glad you could come.”

"We are honored you invited us."

There are drinks and food on the breakfast bar.” Seth said.

Joe said nothing, his eyes were glazed over and he was staring at nowhere. Most men in the room, however, were staring at her. If it was appropriate to pull out your dick at a party full of guests and offer it as a sacrifice, Samantha thought they would have.

"My name is Leigh. You know Joe." and she swept past her and Seth and headed for the kitchen. Seth looked at Samantha and bit his lower lip. He had a What the Fuck Was All That look on his face. She figured her face looked about the same.

After a few minutes, things started returning back to normal, as much as it could be in a house full of costumed people, but Samantha had the shakes and she took her drink and went upstairs to try to calm down. Good time to use the bathroom and maybe freshen up, she thought. Down the hardwood floors that covered the hall, past the bathroom, she saw their guest room door ajar. An all too familiar smell caught her nose. She cracked the door open and saw Paul taking a hit from a joint, a plastic bag in his lap, and her co-worker Diane sitting on the bed next to him. She was laughing.

Their guest bedroom was a mish mash of older things they had once used regularly, an old ashtray that her mother used to use when she came over, some books, several old pictures, several boxes of baseball cards, and an old treadmill she had folded up and leaned against the wall. On the bed was an old, light blue bedspread with blue pillows. They had bought a new bed a few years ago, they wanted a king size, and they retired this one to this room. Above the bed was an old sign she had found at a yard sale. “Create Memories”. Something told her they were going to be creating a lot of them tonight. She put her drink down on the shelf by the door.

Where’s Carla, Paul?” she asked.

“She had to run home. I told your husband to keep an eye on her when she came back. You don’t mind if we do this here do you?”

No. I encourage it. It’s been a long week for me. Let me just close the door.” She pulled it shut and the room got real dark. She flicked on the small side lamp and it lit the room in a soft yellow glow.

You want a hit then?” he spoke through gritted teeth, his breath held, and then he exhaled and smiled at her. “This is some really good shit right here.”

Actually, I would. Diane you have some yet?” Samantha asked.

I did. It’s some mellow stuff. Funny.”

What is?”

I’m not sure. Hey, that look you had on your face… oh .. man… that was good.”

Samantha took a nice hit on the joint, held it, exhaled and started feeling the effects immediately. She spotted a bottle of Sambuca and two shot glasses lying on the bed. “You guys bring that in?”

Yeah, it’s mine.” Diane said and she grabbed the joint back from her and took another hit. She exhaled and passed it on to Paul.

Samantha looked at Diane and Paul both, Diane had her hand on his shoulder. “You two found each other I see.” Samantha said.

Thanks for introducing us at your summer party. Remember when you did that? That was so cool. I mean it. I feel like people who live in this neighborhood and I don’t know how I figured this out, have just a different vibe to them. I could talk to Paul all day long. You know what I mean Paul?”

I totally do.” Samantha glanced at Paul and noticed that Diane’s hand was now resting in his lap and her fingers were stroking his cock over his jeans. He handed the joint back to Samantha who took another hit. She was starting to feel nice and wobbly now. She did understand what Diane meant. This neighborhood did have a cool vibe to it, lots of great people. It was so nice to just stand here, smoke this joint, and watch some people she knew get it on. It made her happy.

She watched as Diane pulled Paul’s pants down and removed his cock. She was stroking it with her hand, pinching his head with her fingers. Diane leaned over and took him in her mouth, taking it all the way down, and Samantha’s first thought was that her friend Diane had no gag reflex. She took another hit on the joint. “Paul, I’d love a shot if you’ll make me one.”

He leaned back and grabbed the bottle and shot glass, never interrupting Diane, who was still bobbing up and down on his shaft. Her other hand played with his balls. Paul poured, leaned forward and handed it to her. She downed it quickly and took a sip of her punch. It tasted so yummy and pink.

Paul capped the bottle and tossed it back onto the bed. His forcefully grabbed Diane by the top of the head and started driving her mouth onto his shaft harder, forcing her to take him deeper. He kicked his head back and moaned. He released her head and she pulled his cock out and a pool of saliva burst out of her mouth, slinking its way down his shaft. She rolled herself over, onto the bed and got on all fours, grabbing one of the pillows and putting her elbows on it. “Fuck me Paul” she whispered. Samantha watched as Paul positioned himself at the edge of the bed, pulled her Wonder Woman shorts to the side and plowed into her, using fast strokes to fuck her. He was leaned over and one of his hands was cupping her breast over the costume and the other was on her ass helping him steer. Diane moaned loudly and laid her chest to the bed. Paul pounded into her faster.

The joint, still glowing, almost burned Samantha’s fingers. She watched them and smoked the last of it, laying the roach on the old ashtray. Paul was thrusting so hard into her, smacking her ass, her shorts were cockeyed to the side. Diane convulsed, no doubt from her own orgasm and Samantha’s hand shot to her crotch and began rubbing her clit over the soft fabric. She had denied Seth’s advances earlier and now with seeing this and with the weed and booze flowing in her, she needed to have her release. She opened the door, the light from the hall clutched Diane and Paul in its embrace, and she backed out of the room, deciding to leave the two lovebirds alone, and quietly shut the door behind her. She needed to find Seth - she had to have him now.


She found him talking to Carla and pulled him away, “’cuse me a second Carla” and whispered in his ear, “I’m ready to give you that party head.”

He took a sip of his drink, “Wow. I love the sound of that. Who am I to argue? Honey, just give me a few more minutes. I’m still trying to keep Carla away from upstairs. Hey, did you smoke something?”

“Maybe… shhh.. don’t tell anyone. You’re involved in this Paul and Diane conspiracy too? They are up there in our guest room right now doing nasty things Seth, things I want you to do to me.”

You watched them screw in our house?”

Yes and it was hot. Hurry, I want you inside of me.”

Okay. Real soon.” He leaned in and kissed her, their tongues probing and then he pulled away and started walking back to Carla and stopped, “Hey, I’m thinking about not doing our little gag, after earlier, it seems pretty lame.” She nodded her head in agreement and scampered away.

She was hungry. She went into the kitchen, grabbed a handful of pretzels off the breakfast bar and started shoving them into her mouth a few at a time. On the counter, the punch bowl was half full and she poured herself another drink. She cleaned up some, tossed empty cups into the trash and pulled out the Halloween Jell-O cups and the whipped cream. Whipped cream. She had an idea.

After, she party watched. Her sister was chatting away with some of her work friends in the living room and then someone caught her eye over by the stairs. It was Leigh, the woman who came in with Seth’s work friend Joe. Leigh was staring at her and even from this distance she could see that her eyes were glowing a dark blue. They seemed to be staring into her, through her, penetrating her very soul and she closed her eyes and tried to gather her thoughts. She had to be imagining that eye color and its probing. She opened her eyes, blinked a few times, and saw her, talking to Lloyd, her back to the whole room. Strange but Joe was nowhere to be found.

Clearly she was acting a little crazy. Maybe she needed to talk to Leigh, verify that those eyes were actually just a dark brown, and that everything was perfectly fine. She strode over.

Hi Leigh, having fun?”

Great time. I’ve been getting to know Lloyd here.” Samantha looked at Lloyd and he was staring at Leigh. Was his hand on his crotch? Did he really have his tongue out?

Is that right Lloyd? Where’s your wife?”

“I’m not sure. Leigh is a great woman. Don’t you think Sam?”

Yeah, she seems real nice.” She turned back to Leigh, “Where’s Joe?”

He had to leave unexpectedly.” As she spoke, Samantha could see that her lips and eyes were now a deep blue color. It was a strange thing, like she had been eating one too many blue freeze pops. Samantha didn’t remember buying any.

“Excuse me Samantha; I need to use the bathroom.” Leigh walked past her and headed for the stairs.

She went to leave, to find Seth, when she almost crashed into Lloyd, who was now running for the stairs after Leigh. “Excuse me Lloyd.” she said. But he never even turned in her direction and he leaped up the steps, two at a time.

She needed to find something real, something less strange. She wanted Seth. She stood in front of the bathroom, which was just off the great room, and tried to make eye contact with Seth. When he saw her, she nodded and flicked her head at the door. She knocked on it, opened it and waited for him; she had never known a time when she had wanted him so badly. After a minute, Seth came walking in and closed the door behind him.

Why didn’t you come and get me earlier? I would have loved to get high with you!”

It happened so fast, we can talk about that later honey. Please. No more talking.”

A candle flared on a small shelf by the door and it bathed the room in a flickering orange glow. Across from it was a pedestal sink with a large oval mirror, three spotlights attached above the mirror, wrapped with plastic pumpkin covers, pointed downward. For the party, she had arranged some real pumpkins around the room and had covered a large part of the floor tiles with a large pumpkin rug. She dropped to her knees on it, and withdrew the whipped cream can from in her panties. Her pussy was cold.

Oh, you little devil.” Seth said.

She haggled with his pants, then pulled out his cock and sprayed it with a nice stream of the whipped cream. She nuzzled up to it, licking the sides, tasting the cream, her face getting smeared with it. She sprayed the whipped cream on his balls and took them each into her mouth. She was overcome with sexual energy, and it was no doubt being fueled by her intoxication, tasting him caused her pussy to moan in anticipation.

Her hand, slick from the whipped cream, was gripping his shaft and stroking it. She could feel him tense up. She licked all the way up his cock, flicking her tongue into the soft spot on his head and then she took the whole head in her mouth, sucking, tasting the cream. She loved teasing him in this way, knowing he could feel her hot mouth and tongue, while tempting the rest of his shaft.

Slowly, she worked her mouth down on it, the cream spreading itself around her lips and face and then she felt him in the back of her throat, how good it felt being there, and her pussy responded, flooding with her juices. His hands reached for her breast and his fingers flicked the nipple over her gown. She pulled the top of her gown down, revealing her mounds and she pulled his slick length out and rubbed his head over her nipples, sending shock waves down to her precious slit and getting cream on her breasts. She sprayed more and pulled his cock between her large tits, grabbing the sides and mashing them on his cock, whipped cream pillowing out the top and sides, and she stroked him with them, feeling his hardness. She dropped her chin to her chest and she took his cockhead into her mouth. Her breasts fucked him.

After a few more thrusts, she released him and stood up, feeling her breasts fall. He leaned down and took one in his mouth, licking cream off them and her chest, and his other hand was between her thighs, exploring, and he parted her dress at the slit, getting access to her black lycra shorts and tugging them down. They kissed, their tongues probing, and she helped him with her panties and turned, dropping the can to the ground and placing both of her hands on the side of the sink. She was waiting for him to enter her.

Instead she heard the spray can and felt a coolness on her pussy and she shrieked. She felt his tongue probing her inner folds, lapping up the cream, and her clit. His tongue worked her, sending shockwaves throughout her body. His mouth felt so good there. He lapped her up and she felt his fingers probing her anus, everything was so slick from her juices, and he slowly worked it in and out of her. She could feel her orgasm close, his mouth sucking hard on her clit, his finger exploring her ass. She was so wet, she was sure his whole face was soaked from her juices and the creaminess, and he kept at it, tonguing and fingering and then she climaxed hard, thrusting her ass backwards into him, his nose pushing into her taint.

Her knees were a little wobbly and then he was pushing his cock against her cleft, letting his head sit there and then he shoved himself in more and slowly she felt it slide all the way in, filling her, and she moaned loudly. He started thrusting harder, rubbing her clit, massaging the cream into her back, their sex so explosive with their desires. Her hands gripped the sink harder and she looked up and into the mirror and saw everything, their bodies glowing from the candlelight, his thrusting, his hard chest, her whipped cream smeared breasts bouncing wildly, drips of whipped cream falling from her nipples, her face full of carnal lust. She pushed herself into him harder, feeling herself about to release again, and her orgasm came, harder this time, and she lost her balance on the sink, smashing her open hand into the mirror while trying to regain her footing. It cracked a little and a trickle of blood ran down her arm. She ignored the pain and could feel Seth about to climax, he seemed oblivious to the broken mirror, and then she felt his come squirt into her, filling every inch of her. She could see him in the mirror, his back arching, candlelight flickering across face, and she could feel his cock continue pulsing its seed into her. She loved it.

Oh Elvira. You are so damn hot. That was so damn hot. Oh shit. The mirror. You okay?”

“Yeah, just a small scratch. I lost my balance after I crashed landed with that orgasm. My God was that incredible. Let’s wash up."

She got the wash cloth wet and wiped down his shaft and balls. She leaned in and kissed him, tasting whipped cream and her. “I love you Seth. So much.” He pulled his pants up, “I love you too Samantha.” He turned to leave and she stopped him. "Your buddy Joe and that woman, Leigh, are a strange couple.”

I agree with you. I’ve never seen Joe act like that.”

That woman he brought, she gives me the creeps, Seth, seriously. She has blue eyes that glow, glow.”

Glowing blue eyes? Stop it now. You’re hallucinating. I thought I knew Joe well, but I agree, he definitely seems messed up on something. I’ll have to talk to him about it on Monday. I’ll see you later my love.”

He left to rejoin the party. She washed herself up, feeling Seth’s seed in her, swirling. She didn’t want to think of the possibilities that maybe, just maybe, it had happened. She smiled. No obsessing. She felt woozy from the sex, weed, and all she had to drink tonight; maybe she really had too much to drink. She walked out and ran into Lloyd's wife.

"Whoa!” It looked like Lorraine was going to face plant into the wall and Samantha reached out, grabbing a hold of her arm and pulled. She stopped short of the wall and slowly stood back up.

I’m so sorry Lorraine. Wasn’t watching where I was walking. Hey - are you okay?” she caught sight of Lorraine’s eyes. She had been crying, which was probably made worse by the fact that Lorraine was also drunk, very.

Lorraine wobbled in place. “No! I can't find Lloyd." she said.

"I saw him go upstairs a little while ago, Lorraine. Why don’t you let me look for him? You don’t look good. Sit on the couch, okay?"

She got her to the couch and after checking that she was okay, she climbed the steps to see about Lloyd. By the time she got to the end of the hall and saw the door ajar and heard the sucking sound, her heart rate quickened. She stuck her head in and saw Leigh, her head between Lloyd’s legs, his cock buried in her mouth. His scarecrow straw hat was perched on the bed post and Lloyd was sitting up on one of the blue pillows.

Samantha gasped. Lloyd was huge and Leigh was handling his size with something bordering on the supernatural. She sat mesmerized. It would disappear in her mouth but you couldn’t quite see it in her throat. She closed her eyes again and counted quietly to herself, not quite believing what she was seeing, hoping that when she opened them Leigh would be alone. Her eyes opened and it was the same but now Lloyd had his hand on the back of her head and he was ramming her down on him. It was too much to watch and she gently pulled the door closed. Of all the years she’d been having this party, she could never remember a night quite like this.

She headed back down the hall, feeling dizzy, and was about to drop onto the top step when she heard a noise coming from the room next to her. She and Seth were planning on making it the baby’s room and they had cleaned it out and painted it a few weeks ago, but now it was just used for storage and contained a few cardboard boxes.

She put her ear to the door and heard moaning. Oh my God, not more. She quietly opened the door and saw Carla lying on a cardboard box, her legs spread eagled into the cabbie’s outstretched hands; her hands were locked over her head with Paul’s handcuffs and her eyes were closed. He was fucking her with his small dick unmercifully. He looked vibrant, way more vibrant and alive than when he had first come to the door. Still, she had no clue how he had gotten in here, she saw him leave, or did she?

He turned toward her, never wavering in his thrusting, and stared, his eyes were wide, almost hypnotizing and without thinking she smiled, a heat spreading into her mound. He smiled at her. She needed to know what Paul had in that weed. She had to be imagining all of this.

Ahh, you’ve snuck in and found me copulating with your friend here. I assure you I’ll make her passage from this world an easy one. Right now, I’m just getting her ready for Leigh. Do you want some of this next? You'll love it, I promise you." He stuck his nose out, his cock still pistoning inside of her, "Wait, someone filled you with seed, I can smell it. You and I have business to discuss, yes. I'll be through with her shortly, and then we’ll talk. For now, let me finish, please close the door on your way out.” She closed the door, took a step and bumped into the wall. She was so dizzy and felt sick. She ran downstairs, her hands gripping the railing tightly.

She found Seth. “Seth! The cab driver is upstairs, and it’s hard to explain, but he’s fucking Carla and Lloyd is getting blown by Leigh, that girl that Joe brought!” she was out of breath, her heart was racing, and the world was spinning.

Samantha, what are you talking about? Leigh is standing right over there. You’re slurring badly. Maybe you need to sit down honey.”

She turned slowly, the world filling with black stars, and then they cleared, and she saw that he was right. There Leigh was, speaking to Diane, her eyes glowing blue. “Honey, you shouldn’t have had so much tonight. It’s got you all screwy.”

Her eyes are blue over there Seth, do you see that?”

Suddenly a cramp struck her hard, knocking her breath away, and she gripped her stomach. She fell, got up again and ran to the bathroom. She vomited up everything, pretzels, dinner, punch, all of it, the smell made her delirious and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She sat down, rested her head on a pumpkin, the world was spinning so very badly, and she closed her eyes.


She woke up to Catwoman looking down at her and telling her to wake up. She wasn’t sure what was going on, where she was, the bathroom! my house! and recognition came upon her. “Oh, Hannah, I don’t know where or how....ha, I’ve apparently been in here.”

Samantha, some of the people in this house have gone missing. No one can find Joe or Lloyd, my Tim is missing, we can’t find Paul or Carla. Now someone has the door locked upstairs and they are asking for you.” Hannah’s eyes looked puffy, Samantha could tell she had been crying.

Are you alright Hannah? How long have I been in here?” she gripped her stomach, another cramp, and she nearly passed out from the pain.

Don’t know. Just get upstairs and find out what’s going on, please. Seth called the cops. They should be here soon.”

Okay, okay.” she stood up on wobbly legs, gripped the wall and caught a glimpse of the broken mirror and the can of whipped cream. She smiled a little. “Okay, I’m up.”

She left the bathroom and headed up the stairs. She made it to the end of the hall and tried the guest room door. It was locked. She knocked and waited. No answer. She reached above the door frame and used the small screwdriver she found to unlock the door. As she pushed it open, she heard a strange gurgling and chewing noise coming from within. The door hit the back wall, casting light from the hall into the darkened room and what she saw caused her to scream out loud.

Leigh was naked, her large breasts hanging, and she was hunched over a figure on the bed and eating. The handcuffs were attached to the bed frame, there was blood on them. The figure, what remained of Cherokee Warrior based on her skirt, had its stomach curled open and some of the entrails were spread across the bed sheets. Leigh sat up and a long piece of intestine was stretched into her mouth and then it snapped back in, spraying Samantha with blood. The cab driver was sitting on the window sill and laughing, his pants off, his small shriveled dick pointing at her, his mouth covered in blood.

We meet again.” he said glancing down at his dick, "I caught you looking. It isn't much but your pussy would never be the same, I guarantee it. Just ask your friend here."

Your majesty be nice.” she continued to chew something and Samantha saw her jaw clench and she swallowed and saw it travel its way down her throat. Leigh’s breasts seemed to grow large and then small right before her eyes and it was then that Samantha realized that she was never going to have anything to drink or smoke again. Ever.

Leigh’s forehead and lips were soaked red from the blood and her eyes were glowing blue. Then, without warning, her breasts pushed inward, becoming flat, and her vagina vanished, forming smooth flesh. “Pardon my remodeling. You are in the presence of a Hellseed Samantha. Hard to explain what good old Argelos is here, maybe another time. Don’t be alarmed. I just needed to eat.”

Don’t be alarmed? You’re EATING MY FRIEND ON MY BED IN MY HOUSE!”

The door shut behind her as if pulled by an invisible hand.

Shh, quiet Samantha. I’m sorry, I’ve made such a mess of your lovely home. I needed life force and your little party here provided me with plenty of it. That blue glow you see from my eyes is from the concoction I drank earlier, from Paul and Lloyd and, Tim, was it? I can’t remember. You see, my powers are great but those powers need fuel, so to speak, to make them function. My body also needs sustenance to live; I thank your friend Carla here for providing that.”

We propose an offer to you Samantha. We want to make you one of us.”

Why the hell would I want to do that? You both need to get the hell out of my house, now. What have you done with my other friends? What are you planning on doing with me?”

I mean you no harm. As I’ve already said, we want you to come with us. We are promising you everlasting life Samantha, this truly is a gift. Hellseeds are rare and very powerful. Argelos here can make you and you can live free, as one of us.”

But I can, what? This is insane. No way. You’re all crazy.”

Come Argelos, it’s time for us to clean our mess and get out of here. Samantha, it’s important that you listen to what I’m about to tell you. The child you have in your belly was conceived in the presence of a Hellseed, which means it will grow to be one. That’s why we want you to come with us. The child in your belly is ours and we need you to care for it.”

Yes Samantha. You’d best come with us if you want to save Him that grows within you.” Argelos said. He was opening the window, and a strong fall breeze flooded in, knocking the memories sign off the wall and sending a chill through her. Carla’s body went flying out through the open window.

A hellseed thingy? My child? What child?”

The child you just conceived tonight dear. I can hear it growing within you, multiplying its cells, expanding. I thought we were very clear on that.”

The baby. Her precious child. What child? What’s a Hellseed? Her head was so confused. No way, this was impossible. She could feel something in her belly but it couldn’t be a child, could it? Maybe it was, she hoped. She looked at Leigh and her eyes were blue and they were telling her it was okay. Argelos knows everything, he will help. If they could save her baby then she really should go with them, shouldn’t she? Her baby boy would be safe. “He would be safe Leigh?”

Yes Samantha. Yes. You've been marked now. If you don’t leave with us, many more will try as Argelos and I have.”

Somewhere distant, she heard Seth’s voice calling out for her but she was no longer paying attention, her eyes were drawn to Leigh’s and they were talking to her. She heard her baby boy echoing in her ears, calling her name, Momma. Hi Momma.

Leigh smiled, her eyes their bright beckoning blue. She had her clothes on, her breasts now shapely under the tight costume, and she had her hands cradled, she was rocking them, as if she were holding a baby, my baby. Yes, her baby would be safe, Samantha would be too. Her thoughts were fuzzy and Leigh held out her hand to her and she went.

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