Interview with Laura Levot

Congrats Laura. As promised, these are the interview questions for readers to get to know you better. Since I'm a crack interviewer, these will be in-depth probing questions like "What's your favorite color?"

How did you get started writing erotica?
Since I was a teenager, I would often write random things. A few paragraphs here or there when a story idea wouldn’t go away but I was never serious with it (or so I thought). One day, a few months ago, after reading some pretty good erotica, I opened up Word and started writing, not knowing what would come out. The scene turned out to be pretty hot. I’m incorporating it into a novel I’ve been working on. I also started coming up with short story ideas and I’ve just been writing, and writing, and writing ever since.

What works in progress can readers expect from you?
I’m working on my first novella, title not yet finalized, which I hope to have out in October. I’m going to self-publish it on Amazon more to get a fee of how that whole process works. It’s about a long lost romantic couple, a secret, their reuniting, and sparks flying. I’ve also been working on a novel for the past few months. The going has been slow, as many of you can probably relate to, but someday, it will be finished.

How would you categorize your erotica?
Couples having sex. Relationships are complicated and I enjoy playing around with what makes them so. I’m not into BDSM, right now, but who knows, maybe someday I’ll write about that too. I love fantasy, but real life scenarios with couples are my favorite. I do love twists and so I love peppering my stories with those. I love making you unsure of where it’s going and then socking you with a great twist or ending that you didn’t see coming.

Do you have a favorite erotica author?
Tessa, of course! I read a lot of the Harlequin Blaze series of books too. I’ve read a few of the cowboy ménage stuff from Siren. I love short stories. I mean, LOVE them, and really enjoy reading quick snippets of eroticism. The best stories are those that get you asking questions about where that couple could be headed, after he’s pulled out.

Is there anything you'd like readers to understand about you or your work?
My erotica will always have one foot in real life. Even when they might be fantastical, I don’t want to suspend belief too much. That’s what I try to maintain in my writing. Even if the story line is fantastical, I want to have characters that can ground the story and make it seem real. Did I mention I love twist endings?

::Now for the in-depth, hard hitting questions.

What's your favorite color?
Love the color blue. Light blue preferred.

What’s the most embarrassing situation either you or one of your characters has been involved?
One of my unpublished short stories is where a girl (over 18) is giving head to her boyfriend. She’s all into it, learning, of course, as young girls do (and did!). The boyfriend finishes on her chest and her step father accidentally walks in to watch her cleaning herself off. I was a little embarrassed for her after I wrote it. Did it remind me of a real life scenario a little? I won’t say.

Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker?
Tea. Can’t live without it.

Dog lover or cat lover?
Cat lover.

I told you these would be biting questions. I hope you're not feeling overwhelmed so far. Just a couple more.

If money was no problem, what would you do with the rest of your days?
Lay on a beach, writing beach themed romance stories from my laptop.

Following the theme of Halloween month, do you have any fun or scary experiences to share?
I hate spiders. I’m deathly afraid of them. My husband had found one out on our wood pile in the back of the house, scooped it up, and planted it just before I came home one day. I reached out for the door handle on the house and jumped 5 feet into the air. I wanted to kill him.

If I opened your fridge, what would I find? (I'll be over later to check.)
Some wine. Leftovers from last night’s dinner. Lunchables for the kids. Yogurt.

Thanks for participating in the contest and answering all my hard-hitting interview questions. Readers can find you over at

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