Friday, March 27, 2015

The Slave Hunt - A New Novella

Kain had everything a man could want, and what he didn't have, he took. Wealthy and successful, he knew what he wanted from life. Yet, he was bored. Everything in his life was easy now that he'd achieved a measure of financial success. He needed a new challenge.

Roxie was as much of a fighter as Kain, but her life had been anything but easy. Even a place to stay was hard to find at times. She made sacrifices in the hopes of one day being successful.

These two people so alike, yet so different, are fated to meet in a most unexpected way; in a hunt unlike any other. It's a hunt in which they'll both take part. One as a hunter, the other as prey.

Who will come out the victor?

Their lives are about to change forever.

 The Slave Hunt at A1 Adult Ebooks
Not for the faint of heart. This book has forced anal, sadism, capture elements and slave training.

**Book links to A1 Adult Ebooks. They have a policy of not censoring authors!**

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