Thursday, February 05, 2015

Blackmailing Fiona

After the 'zon smashed all my books to pieces (except one), I have to admit I was discouraged. I didn't stop writing, but I changed my style for a bit. Created a pen name and wrote some chick lit. While it was fun, I missed erotica. A lot.

I'm publishing with A1 Adult Ebooks now. This latest book is exclusive with them. They publish on their own sites and distribute to other retailers. This is the first time I've gone exclusive with them even though I've put all my self-published titles in their store. I've always done better there with the stronger themes like noncon and the rough BDSM. 

With all that said, don't be frightened if you go to the site. It's not the prettiest! They accept Paypal, which is a nice feature for customers, and they are completely trustworthy. Don't let the look of them fool you. I've recently been emailing back and forth with the site owner about a technical difficulty on my profile. He was very friendly and helpful. Bet you can't say that about the 'zon! 

That's enough rambling! Here's the book. Links will take you to the book's page on A1 Adult Ebooks.

Fiona is a neglected and fairly sheltered lawyer. She's married to an ambitious district attorney, and future politician; the last thing her family needs is a scandal. That's exactly what would happen should hidden yearnings of Fiona come to light. Yearnings and sexual fantasies that someone discovers. 

Soon, Fiona will find herself entangled in a web of threats and blackmail caught between love for her husband and the possibility of her darkest desires coming to life.


  1. good to see you back at it Tessa! :)

    1. Thanks, John! I've missed the erotica a lot, so it feels great to be back. Hope all is well in your world.