Saturday, November 01, 2014


How could I say no to Nano? For the past week, I've seen posts talking about the month to come. With other projects on my plate, I decided that I couldn't be involved in the mad race to the 50k finish line. Plus, I hadn't even edited the one from last year. It's been an entire year. Wow.

That was two days ago. This morning I woke with a different mindset. How could I not write? My other projects are all creative, but none are writing. At least, not the good kind. I've been creating things. Making with my hands, but not with my mind.

That sounded cryptic, didn't it?

My point is: I miss erotica. With all the changes to the erotica publishing landscape, I let myself be disappointed and discouraged. If I can't write the kind of erotica I love then I didn't see much point in writing erotica at all. It could explain why I haven't had the energy to tackle the BDSM novel from last year. Don't get me wrong, I love BDSM erotica, but non-consent is where my real passions lie.

I have no outline, no plot, no characters but still I'm jumping cannonball-style into the Nano pool. I have one story to finish, (I've been writing this 20k word story for months) so this is the plan... I'll finish that story in the next five days. 9k words in five days should be possible. After that's finished, I'll outline three stories. I'm not doing the traditional 50k word story in a month. I'll be a rebel and write one 15k story per week. They'll be the non-consent that I love. I'll find a place for them later!

One week for finishing the WIP.
Three weeks for three stories of 15k each.

In the end, it'll be 54k total but I'm excited by this idea. I love the energy of Nano. All the people gathering together to accomplish a goal. The Twittersphere should be a flutter with determined writers banding together.

I miss that.

There's nothing like Nano month.

And to get into the spirit, here's a tied up woman for your enjoyment! Mine too. Most of the time, I image it's me tied up like that. This picture came from I found it by searching for Forced Anal Bondage. Yummy.

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