Monday, December 02, 2013

What I'd Buy With a Million Dollars

They say a million dollars isn't a lot of money. That may be true, but I could buy a lot with a million dollars. I'd like to find out! If someone wants to give me a million dollars or a million people are willing to give me one dollar, I'll put this experiment to the test and report back to you; the readers. I'd sacrifice myself for you because I love you, Readers.

I've always wondered why BDSM dungeons have to be so creepy and dark. Why does it need to be scary? A man with a flogger in his hand standing over you can be scary in a creepy basement or a frilly bedroom. He's still a man with a flogger in his hand! I've figured it out. It was a duh moment. It's because the dark, creepy basement is soundproof. So, for my first purchase:

With half my million dollars, I'd buy a small house with a basement that I could soundproof.

I'd need equipment in that basement like a fuck machine. I really want one of those. For those that don't know what that is, it's a dildo on a metal rod attached to a motor. It would have to be a super powerful motor. So, purchase number two:

Fuck machine with powerful super-motor able to drill fast and furiously.

I'd need a fully stocked toy chest for the sound proofed basement. For my third, fourth and fifth purchase:

I'm torn. I want this. A toy chest full of wonder and excitement. I love the idea of treasure chests. If they were full of gold coins and dildos, they'd be perfect.

But what I want to be stocked in that treasure chest of wonder is this:

What would you buy with a million dollars?


  1. *WEG* I am enthralled and 'excited' by how you'd spend your million dollars. Keeping with the theme you've established, I think I'd spend my million on a Gorean Slave Girl. Someone who would appreciate the finer aspects of a D/s relationship.

    1. As far as fantasies worth a million, that's a good one. Would you save any of the money for a toychest like the one above? Do you see that wall of utility drawers, too? I'm imagining black, felt-lined drawers with clamps, the "special" dildos and floggers and whips in there. It's like a garage for kink in that room!