Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Helpful Erotica Promotion Links

It's difficult to advertise a sale or free promotion on an erotic ebook when most of the popular book promotion sites don't take our genre. This is the list I use for my promotions. While compiling this list, I decided to put everything together in a file. One semi-complete listing of all the forums, Facebook pages and Twitter hashtags that I use to promote my ebooks. I believe it's important to support other writers, so I'm sharing here.
This list doesn't include reviews, blog hops and other promotional ideas - which I need to try soon. It's a little daunting, but with my next book I'll be jumping into blog hops. *scared*

If you know of other sites, feel free to share with your fellow erotica writers in the comments below.

****I'll add in suggestions from others as they come in, so the list will be more complete.***

Free Books 

(Some take other retailers aside from the Big A)
Ebook Deal of the Day  ..... (romance and subgenres)
Ebook Deal of the Day UK  ..... (romance + subgenres)
Ebooks Free Daily  ..... (at least 5 reviews)
Ereader Perks  .....

Free book dude No Erotica. (Contact
Free ebooks blog .....
Hunt 4 Freebies  .....

Pin Your Book  .....
Pixel of Ink  .....

Your Daily Ebooks  .....
Her Lady ships quest  ..... (smashwords deals)

99 Cent Books

ETA Ask David ..... (Thanks, Christina)
Ebook Lister  .....  This one doesn't take erotica 
Hunt 4 Freebies  .....
Pin Your Book  .....
Pixel of Ink  .....

Your Daily Ebooks  .....

Facebook Pages & Groups

Smashwords Book Blitz  .....
ETA Steamy Reads .....

ETA What to Read After 50 Shades of Grey ..... (Thanks, Dylan)

Adhere to the forum rules for self-promotional posts
World Literary Cafe  ..... -free books
Nook Boards  .....

Featured Websites
Wanton Reads  .....

Twitter Hashtags


Specific to the story


Once I update my list of review sites, I'll add a review site post and other resources, too. 


  1. Great post. Marketing erotica is an uphill struggle. I've used manicreaders, and in the past with good results. Getting reviews is even harder... but there's a great little site called which helps with that.

    Thanks for the great post. I'm bookmarking it, so I can come back to it when I need it.

    1. I've used, too. Somehow it missed this list. Thanks for reminding me. I'll add it to my personal file.

      I'm always looking for review sites. I've used manicreaders but not bookgrow. Libboo looked interesting, but they're not accepting new authors. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll pop in and check on them occasionally to see if they are adding new authors.

      Under the Facebook category, I forgot to add a little note about finding erotica groups. There are plenty that an erotica author can use for marketing.

      Thanks for commenting with the sites you use for marketing, and I'm happy this was helpful.

  2. Don't forget !

    1. I'm going to edit the post to add in the suggestions from comments, plus one I completely forgot that is huge on FB. I'll make notations of edits. Thanks for mentioning that one!