Thursday, November 14, 2013

One Quirky Fact

Here's a little-known, quirky fact about me.

I don't like chocolate cake or ice cream. I know! It's insane. I love chocolate in many other forms. I mean love chocolate. Especially chocolate-covered cherries and thin mints, but not cake or ice cream. I'm not sure who to blame for that, but it won't be hard to find someone. 

What's a strange, quirky fact about you that might surprise people?


  1. I only eat choc cake if fresh from oven and dripping with melted butter, otherwise no way. no way too chocolate ice cream too. chocolate eveything else-yes!

    my quirk- I must brush my teeth after a shower, regardless if I just brushed them.

    1. So we have the same chocolate quirk. I'm strangely happy about that. It makes me feel less weird about it.

      That makes sense in a roundabout way. You're clean on the outside, so you have to be clean again on the inside!

  2. I think the teeth brushing out quirks the chocolate quirk! LOL

    I dont have any great quirks like these - what I do have you would roll your eyes at so I'ma just gonna smile over yours - kk? :P

    1. I agree! She outquirks me. I liked saying outquirk, too.

      Aww, come on. You have to share!