Monday, October 28, 2013

The Big Bad Wolfe is Almost Here!

Here's another excerpt from Big Bad Wolfe, which will be published tonight on Smashwords. For 24 hours, it will be priced at 99 cents for those readers who read my blog steadily and act fast. It's a reward for being such loyal fans. My thanks to you! 

Big Bad Wolfe

He slapped her ass cheek hard. “Stay still. I didn't say you could move, bitch.”

She cried out in surprise, “Stop calling me that.”

He chuckled as he slapped her ass again, “Stop calling you bitch. How about my bitch? Is that better?”

She tried to figure out how to remove herself from the position she'd willingly gotten into for him. He slid a finger along her pussy lips. The finger teased at her opening but didn't enter. It dipped in slightly, seductive yet annoying. She wanted to feel that finger enter her pussy. She wanted his cock to slam inside her, but since it was only his finger, she wished he'd stop teasing.

A sudden heat and puff of air told her that he examined her pussy with intense concentration. He growled low in his throat as he dipped one finger into her.

Her answering whimper caused him to raise his eyes to her face. “You like that, don't you, my bitch?”

He shoved his finger deep before she could answer, so her tremulous voice took effort to emerge, “Y-yes.”

Nodding as if he expected that answer, he removed his finger and brushed the wetness over the tip of his cock.

His fingertips hooked into her hips as his thumbs pulled and rotated her ass cheeks. She could feel how open it made her when he spread her cheeks. By the look on his face, she could imagine what it looked like to him. Her pussy and ass on display with each rotation before winking out of existence. The hide and seek between her thighs fueled his passion because the next moment he slammed his cock deep inside her pussy with no warning, no gentle nudging to get situated in the proper position. If he missed, it would have been painful, but his cock aimed well, and he didn't miss.

This book has elements of non-consent, forced anal, slaves, a brief flash of incest and lots of bondage.

I'll make an announcement when the book is live on Smashwords! Keep an eye out on Twitter, Facebook or Smashwords itself. 


  1. Sounds great, Tessa! Thanks for letting us know!

    1. Finally live. It's never taken that long before!