Saturday, October 05, 2013

Excerpt from Big Bad Wolfe

Coming soon!

In a blink, the heat of the day left. She had a sudden vision of him laying over her, both of them sweaty and naked. With her fingers tangled in his hair, they kissed hard, passionately, breathlessly. She cried out into his mouth. Her breasts aching for his touch; she arched her back, the pressure intense as her nipples were crushed into his muscled chest.

She jolted back to the present, her eyes locked with his as a slow, arrogant smile spread across his face. "Are you done rambling? Is it my turn to speak?"

She nodded. That vision hit her with an intensity beyond a mere fantasy about this sexy man. It felt so vivid and incredibly real. Gabby's nipples, hard and tight, pressed against the front of her thin t-shirt. She could feel the memory of his lips against hers as if he had kissed her only a moment before. She touched her mouth gently. Her lips tingled.

He held her with his gaze, wrapped his hand gently around her upper arm, turned and pulled her behind him to the back of her car. He set her against the trunk lid and brushed his thumb over her lips. Intimate knowledge in his eyes and something Gabby couldn't explain. His hungry stare had weight and meaning. As if he had already tasted her and couldn't wait to get another taste, as if he wanted to pin her down with his body right here by the side of the road.  


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