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Sale on Fearful Cravings

September 18th through 21st, Fearful Cravings will be 99 cents on Amazon.

A small excerpt:

During the cab ride home, she stared out the window contemplating the men she'd picked up recently. Up until this point, Chloe wasn't much for introspection. She worked hard and expected to play hard, too. She loved sex, and while she still loved it; she had to admit there was something missing. A gnawing need deep within that wasn't being fulfilled. She couldn't pinpoint that need and couldn't quench it if she couldn't even identify it.

The cabby turned and rapped on the plastic partition, “Miss? Is this your stop, or did you want me to take you somewhere else?”

She'd been sitting there staring up at her building for some time, long enough for the cabdriver to wonder if she was all right. She threw some bills at him without looking at the meter. 
As she got to the glass doors, she became aware of a couple walking towards the building as well. She pushed the door open so as not to be rude, but didn't raise her eyes. She was completely lost in her own world. She pushed the button for the elevator and stared at the closed doors while waiting.
There were murmurings behind her and the very audible sounds of muffled moans. Chloe closed her eyes willing the elevator to hurry. She contemplated taking the stairs, but she was too drained to think about climbing them.

The elevator dinged. Chloe twitched, hurried inside. She kept her head down, jammed her floor button and stepped back from the panel. Another hand hit the button for the floor above hers. She flicked her gaze to the couple finally. It was him. He gave her that crooked smile and nodded to her. Chloe nodded back and concentrated on not staring. She watched the indicator lights over the doors. This elevator was notoriously slow but tonight seemed to be moving at a snail's pace.

Sudden motion brought her attention back to her neighbor and his date; the same woman as last time. He'd spun her around so she was facing Chloe, pinned her arms at the small of her back and was kissing her neck. The woman closed her eyes and whimpered; a sound filled with mixed emotions. To Chloe, it sounded like a little bit of fear or reluctance mixed in with the arousal.

He whispered against her ear, “Open your eyes. Don't be rude when we have an audience.”

The woman's face was full of pink color. She was embarrassed but there was more. She murmured, “Yes, Sir.”

Chloe was fascinated. She couldn't stop staring if she tried, and she didn't try. His face was cold, arrogant but full of amusement and arousal.

With one hand holding the woman's arms pinned, the other was groping and digging into her breasts. 

When he was sure he had Chloe's attention, he tugged the dress down. Both Chloe and the woman gasped as one. The woman had round, firm breasts. They were fairly large with hard, pink nipples. 

Chloe watched him pinching and twisting those nipples while murmuring into the woman's ear. Chloe couldn't hear what was said. She leaned forward, straining to hear what he would whisper into the ear of the woman he just exposed to a stranger in the elevator.

“Do you want her to touch you? What you would do to please me? Would you get on your knees and suck me in this elevator in front of our audience? Tell me.”

Chloe's breathing was as erratic as the woman he was touching. The woman nodded, but he slid groping hands from her breasts to her neck, holding her neck lightly, he angled her head back and to the side. Her back arched, her breasts thrust out obscenely in front of her. His voice was loud enough for Chloe to hear. She was paying rapt attention, leaning forward when she really didn't have to. His voice was louder, meant to include them both in the conversation.

“Say it out loud, my pet. Tell my neighbor how you would crawl on your hands and knees all the way into my apartment to get a taste of me.”

The woman's whole body shuddered, and she whispered, “Please...”

He laughed, and released her arms but not her neck, to pinch her nipple hard. “Say it.”

His voice was controlled and sure. He knew she'd cave and give him exactly what he wanted. He was so confident. Suddenly, Chloe knew the woman had indeed crawled to his apartment. Chloe was stunned.

The woman's voice when it finally emerged was scratchy and a sob wasn't far away, it leaked into her words, “I would, Sir. I'd suck you right here in this elevator. I'd crawl after you into your apartment for the taste of your cock in my mouth.”

Chloe's panting was mixed with the woman's noises, so she wasn't even aware of it until the elevator dinged at the fifth floor, and the doors opened. 

Flustered, Chloe broke eye contact and hurried out of the elevator. She hesitated, though she was unsure why. She took a few steps then turned back to the couple. He had spun the woman around and pushed her to her knees. Her breasts were still exposed as she knelt in front of him. He winked at Chloe as the doors slid shut blocking the view.

Chloe's breath escaped in a shaky explosion.  


4.5 out of 5 stars: 

Chloe is a successful businesswoman, but she isn’t very lucky in love. She finds men to have sex with, but they don’t satisfy her for some reason. When her firm is contracted to do an ad campaign for Reese’s company, they are drawn together, except Reese is extremely dominant, to the point of embarrassing Chloe in public with his demands. She likes how he makes her feel, but is reluctant to allow him to dominate and punish her as he wants to.

Chloe’s heroine’s journey is epic, and she is seduced into Reese’s world of BDSM, and his dominance. Is this what she really wants? Can Reese actually give up his ex to be with Chloe?

Fearful Cravings is a very sexy love story with a HEA for now, ending. I liked them both, but although there is a story other than the sex, it pales in comparison to the sex component of the book. Good read, but have your ice water and a fan close by. ~Manic Readers Review

Fearful Cravings by Tessa Kealey is a wonderfully hot and sexy story.  Reece Walker is one sexy hunk of a man--a Dom that has women eating out of his hand and is used to getting his way until he meets Chloe.  She is a unique person, interested and turned on by Reece’s behavior while battling with herself because she fears giving herself to someone to that extent. While I am not a fan of sex or a relationship in the work place, this book gives it a different take--tastefully.  I loved how Reece and Chloe addressed this issue. 

The chemistry between Chloe and Reece is explosive with hot and spicy sex scenes.  I liked how Chloe tried to keep work and her home life separate as well as how Reece, while respecting Chloe’s wishes, still tried to push boundaries. I had a hard time believing that this book was only seventy pages.  The journey the Kealey takes the reader on felt so much longer than that.  Overall, this is great story.  I will be looking at more books by Tessa Kealey in the future.  ~Risque Reviews

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