Monday, September 02, 2013

Erotic Authors Guild

Whether you're an erotic writer or a reader, you know how tough it can be to find erotica books lately. Everywhere you turn there's a crack down on what's considered offensive by someone else's taste. Nobody consulted me about what I deem offensive, and I'm sure nobody consulted you either. Erotica writers have no real recourse right now. As writers, we can only grumble and fume. Big retailers are making it harder for us to get our books into the hands of our readers. Even promotional sites refuse to advertise our erotic books as if we're one of the ugly stepsisters.

The Erotic Authors Guild will bring many genres of erotica writers together to create a more unified and stronger voice against random rules and treatment that censor our work. The Guild will provide other benefits to the erotic writer like a sense of community, and a central place to share our work with each other and our readers without worrying about bans and censorship.

There will be e-learning tools. This is one of the things I found most exciting. New erotica writers will be given the help they need like information on how to properly format work for self-publishing; how to advertise with various social media sites; and how to edit for proper grammar when self-publishing. Other genres have guilds to protect its members. It's about time erotica writers had one, too.

There's a fundraiser going on for the creation of the Guild at Indiegogo Fundraising Event. It has more information about what the Guild hopes to accomplish in the next few months.

Take a look to see if any of the services would interest you. If they will, donate a few dollars to get it up and running.


  1. This is a great idea. Where does one join ?

    1. It's still in the beginning stages. I'm only on the fringes of the development. Basically, throwing in my two cents whether the creators want it or not! I'll let you know when it's ready for members if you like. Dylan Cross is one of the founders. You can go straight to the source! He's on Facebook. By the way, are we friends on Facebook? We should be!