Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Bare Lady Picture Writing Prompt

This is my take on the picture prompt over at Thomas Aiden's blog Secondhand Pulp. If you haven't taken a look, check it out here. My goal was to be the first story, but D. Marcus Webb, Sr. beat me to it! I wanted to try something a little different than my usual. Let me know what you think, and don't forget to visit other links, too.

Audrey reluctantly pushed her pants down her thighs letting them drop to the floor. She'd picked the sunshine color of her outfit early this morning when her day held bright possibilities. Now, the color made her think of red and yellow sparks. Embers from a burning cigarette. The scent caused her nose to wrinkle. It felt like a dirty film lay over her skin. She'd have to shower before her husband came home from work.

"The panties, too."

Audrey tried to save one of her favorite students from this fate. The boarding school existed for problem girls who had reached the age of majority but were discipline problems for their rich parents. Mr. Carney had unique ways of dealing with problem students. Parents were always in awe of the delightful, young women that left the school and never questioned his methods.

Audrey had a soft spot for her class. Often, she overlooked discipline problems because it bothered her to send any of them to Mr. Carney's office. Mr. Carney wasn't a handsome man, but he had a square no-nonsense jaw that matched his attitude. He was solidly built with large hands. Those hands were strangely compelling. Although a boarding school administrator, his hands looked as if they belonged to a man used to hard labor; strong and rough.

Keeping her back to him, she slipped her panties over her bottom, but as they slipped down the middle of her thighs, his voice stopped her.

"Leave them there. I want to see your ass peeking out."

She cringed, closing her eyes as she heard the rustle of clothing. She had no idea what would happen next, but her heart raced with excitement. Students came back from Mr. Carney's office with flushed faces, sitting gingerly in their seats wincing when their skin made contact with the hard school chair. As much as she hated to admit it, she wanted to know what Mr. Carney did to the students. Was this what happened to the girls who needed discipline? Did he make the girls strip for him? What happened next?

Her mind whirled with the possibilities.

"If I'm to be an effective administrator, I need the support of all my teachers."

She whispered, "I'm sorry."

A warm, strong hand centered on her back and pushed her gently over his desk. It didn't ask permission. It expected to be obeyed. The hand was as scratchy and rough as she expected. It sent a tingle down her spine. The desk was filled with manila folders, papers strewn about the surface and her breasts pressed against them. She didn't consider disobeying him.

"Sorry doesn't fix this. All disciplinary problems are to be directed to me. At the beginning of employment here at the Academy, the rules were explained to every single teacher. Not only the rules, but that there would be consequences should you break the rules. We're role models as well as teachers and administrators here."

A rhythmic thwacking sound punctuated his lecture. Audrey pulsed with each sound. It took every ounce of her willpower to hold still over the desk. She gnawed the inside of her cheek. It was a nervous habit she'd always tried to break away from and couldn't. After the rustling of his clothing and her near nakedness, she could piece together what was going to happen next.

The rustling of his clothes and a puff of air across her buttocks were the only warning signs before he struck. It wasn't a tentative strike to check her willingness to play along. This was the disciplinary lick of a leather belt meant to show her the error of her ways.

Fire lit her backside as if he had used a lighter on her flesh like the one used to light his cigarettes. The cigarette smell lingered in his office bringing the smoke and taste into her lungs with every inhale. She choked lightly and squirmed with each strike to her skin. Audrey lost count of how many times the belt connected. Her hands clenched into fists as the tears streaked down her cheek.

Suddenly, she felt his rough hand on her backside. It was a light caress, but it felt like gravel on an open wound. Audrey let out a startled, pained yelp. After her whimper of pain, the hand grabbed with more force. It dug into her flesh, manipulating and pulling so she felt air reach between her thighs. Only when she felt the puff of heated air against her sex did she realize it was his breath as he examined her closely.

His voice was scratchy and a bit shaky as he said, "Any discipline problems are to be sent to me. Are we clear now, Miss Bradford?"

When he'd first spoken his voice was low to the ground, as if he had squatted behind her to keep his gaze on a direct line with her buttocks. As he finished, his voice changed direction. She opened her eyes as she felt him move along her side and slip into his chair directly in front of her.

"If you'd remove yourself from my desk now, we both have work to do."

Her cheeks flushed pink with embarrassment. As she lifted her head from his desk, the tear-stained papers lifted for a moment, too. They fluttered back to his desk as she brushed away the tears. She fumbled with her clothing. Yanking her panties back over her rear, wincing at the tenderness, she became ashamed of how she'd let herself be punished like one of the students. If it had been possible to run out of the room and dress elsewhere, she would have.

Audrey refused to look directly at him, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw him rustling papers and signing his authorization to individual teachers' curriculum.

She finally straightened her clothing enough to escape. With her hand on the door handle, his gravelly voice stopped her.

"The next time I find out you didn't send a student to me, the punishment will be more severe. You'll get the student's punishment plus your own."

Now that she knew what occurred in Mr. Carney's office, she would never send another student here. She could count on seeing much more of Mr. Carney. And he would see much more of Audrey.

A sob escaped as she fled his office.


  1. This was a great read, really enjoyed it!

    1. Yay! It was a bit calmer than what I normally do, but it was fun to write out of my comfort zone. Are you doing a submission for the prompt?

  2. I am, I've just posted it, Hope it fits the remit.
    Never written like this before so I'm like you out of my comfort zone,I usually get an idea then run with it.
    So we shall wait and see what the verdict is!