Friday, August 09, 2013

Flash Friday: Flash of an 80s Erotic Novel

A taste of 1982! There's something seedy yet awesome about that cover.

Three men stood in front of me. They were naked except for masks and black leather boots. Each one held a whip which had a foot long handle and two ugly looking thongs that were also a foot long. They looked strong enough to do me damage but I was more interested in their already hard cocks.

They were average in size and certainly nothing larger than I had taken many times before. They were so stiff that they looked like they have not been satisfied in weeks. I had no doubt that one or all of my holes would be invaded before the night was over. That I didn’t mind but the whips were fearful.

To make matters still worse, there were three men and three women sitting as an audience. I never minded showing myself off to men at any time in private, or even to women if they were also naked, but when they were fully dressed, I felt totally humiliated. I was sorry that I was not gagged and blindfolded so I could hide my feelings from them.

The three men stood about me to give them the best vantage point to use their whips. From the positions they took up, I knew my tits and cunt would be their targets.

I didn’t mind the whip on my pussy because more often than not, I had my strongest orgasms from it, but I dreaded having my tits whipped, particularly in this position which allowed no defense and kept the skin stretched tightly. Each blow was multiplied a thousand times and caused me to scream until I fainted.

Their arms raised in unison and struck. One on each tit and one between my legs. I yelled as the searing pain ran through me.

My cunt felt warm but my tits felt like they were on fire. Tears ran down my cheeks, not so much from the pain but from the helplessness that I felt. There was no way to make them stop.

They waited a minute or so before striking again. I looked at the women who were dressed in evening gowns. I knew they could read my innermost feelings. If they would only touch themselves or touch the men sitting next to them, it would have been easier for me, but they sat very still with their hands demurely folded on their laps.

The whips landed again. Stripes appeared on my exposed tits but they were not cut. Once again, they waited, letting me absorb the pain fully.

The blows continued. I didn’t know how many I would have to suffer. I had agreed to do what they wanted for the entire night. I was being well paid for it, so I realized when I agreed that I would have to suffer. Being a bondage and light S&M hooker was very lucrative but also very painful.

After each man had struck me ten times and I was sobbing uncontrollably, they stopped. I hung from the straps while the audience watched me. I was in too much pain to pay them much attention but at the same time, the tingling in my cunt could not be ignored. I was ready for a good fucking.

They took me down and turned me around so my back was to the audience. They put a narrow belt around my waist and forced me to my knees. I didn’t have the strength the fight them so I stayed in the position they wanted. They forced my legs wide apart and made me bend over until my shoulders were resting on the floor. My cunt and asshole were open to the men and women, adding to my embarrassment. One of the men shoved a vibrating dildo deep into my pussy. A strap from it was connected to the one around my waist, holding the dildo in place.

Once more I was put on the cross, but this time I was facing it. They used the same straps on me but they added a couple around my upper thighs, holding them tight against the wooden frame. My ass was sticking out and hopelessly available for anything they had in mind for it.

Hands pulled my cheeks apart, showing the audience my open asshole, and also giving them a view of the vibrator sticking out of my pussy.

The whole affair was turned around so they could see my face. The throbbing of the vibrator in my cunt made me think only of sex.

One of the men stepped in back of me. I felt his hard cock push against my ass. It forced its way passed the opening and shoved until it was buried deep inside. It felt good. I closed my eyes to better concentrate on the delicious feeling between my legs. He began to saw in and out. I was in heaven. I bit my lower lip and sobbed. It felt so good. I moaned in pleasure, not caring at the moment that the women were watching me intently.

The first pulse of orgasm hit. I screamed in pleasure. I tensed my muscles, totally satisfied. The only thing missing was a real cock in my cunt. A dildo was alright but it was not like the real thing. I needed some thing to squeeze with my cunt.

I hung limp in the straps, savoring every glorious pulse that rippled through my body. When the last one was over, I opened my eyes. Then the humiliation hit me.

The women were looking at me. They knew that the ass fucking had given me a cum. It wasn’t fair that they should know my most intimate feelings. They knew that I was getting it up my ass and they knew I liked it.

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