Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Writing Contest

For those participating in the writing contest, put your entries here in the comment section. The entry must be under 500 words. Remember the prompt; a hotel concierge, a ringing telephone and a spanking.  I have to be able to pick that out in your story. It has to be dark erotica. Think non-consent, sleep sex, coercion, blackmail and capture.

The contest ends Thursday at 11:59 pm EST. I'll base that on the time in the comment section, which is set to my time zone. So, get your entries into the comment box before then. 

All entrants can link back to their blog if they like. I wanted people to be able to showcase their work. Think of this as a bit of promotion for your blog or website as well as a place to show off your writing talents!

I'll pick a winner sometime on Friday. I'll try to do it as early as possible; I promise. The winner will get one of my books. I'll provide the winner with a coupon code for Smashwords. They'll get a pretty winner ribbon! (which I'm still working on) More importantly, the winner will get their own entry on Friday with a link to their blog. I'll blog the winner's story then tweet it to all my followers. 

If you haven't started yet, get writing! 


  1. I heard the phone ringing when I was in the shower. Knuckles deep in shampoo, I didn't pick up. I finished the shower, toweled off, put on some boxers and went into the other room to check my cell to see who called. The screen on my phone blinked "missed call, Finnegan", my informant. Finnegan is the concierge at The Braugh, a swanky hotel on the upper west side. I got dressed, grabbed my coat, headed down to the street and hailed a cab.

    I swished through the revolving doors at The Braugh and headed over to the concierge podium. Finnegan was waiting for me. We exchanged a leering glance. With two fingers he pushed a piece of paper across the wood podium toward me, I picked the paper up, discreetly shoved it into my coat pocket and walked over to the lounge.

    An old man was behind the bar and I caught his attention as I took a stool. I ordered a beer and while I waited, I took out the piece of paper Finnegan gave to me. It read - "brunette, big tits, nice ass - room 355, 4:00, the usual comp". I started to get a rise in my pants. I had a half hour to kill. Before I went up to the room, I had time for another beer.

    The clock struck 4 and I walked over to the elevator. I pushed the plastic up button and it lit up. Half a whistle later, the door opened, two lovers walked out with the woman's arm snaked around his left arm. She smelled like peaches. I entered the lift and pushed the 3 on the panel, the doors closed and I rode up. Ding!

    The door opened and I found myself faced with a carpeted hallway and wallpapered walls that garnished little harps and bows. I reached 355 and gave the door a casual knock, three times. The door opened quickly and I was greeted by a tall brunette in a sheer teddy and white panties leaving little to the imagination. Her eyes were little drops of chocolate kisses. She stepped aside and gestured me inside. I didn't hesitate. Lady X carefully eyed my right hand as she closed the door. She motioned me to have a seat.

    "Drink?" She asked.

    "Jack, neat". I replied.

    She came back with two snifters and handed me one. I took the glass and we raised our glasses, we clinked and took a swallow.

    Lady X put her glass down on the table and walked over to the bed. She leaned over and opened her suitcase. She took out a wooden paddle with a leather strap hanging from the handle. Lady X looked over and gave me a suggesting raised eye. I shook my head no, raised my right hand and gave her a wave. She remembered why she called me and a smile crossed her face.

    Lady X walked over to me, bent over my lap, my hand came down! SLAP!

    1. This was a fascinating take on the theme. Spanking-for-hire. Another idea that needs to be built upon for a longer story! *hint, hint*

  2. She woke up disoriented. The last thing she remembered was being at the bar with Gary from accounting drinking cosmos. The rest of the night was bit fuzzy.

    She felt the soft sheets beneath her and the smooth comforter on top of her. She looked around and could tell that she was in a hotel room. She must have followed him back to his room and blacked out. She was so embarrassed, she never did that.

    She was a little foggy but knew she had to sneak out before seeing his face again. She just wanted to curl up and disappear. As she tried to roll over she realized her limbs were heavy. She used a little more effort and realized that they were more than just heavy; they were tied down to the bed.

    A feeling of panic flashed through her as she struggled against her bonds which only resulted in the comforter tangling around her. She looked around, about to scream out when a light flicked on in the corner of the room. She could see the silhouette as he approached her helpless form.

    “I see you decided to join us, my little cock tease.” His voice was harsh, angry.

    “Fuck you, Asshole!” She shouted, specks of spit flying out along with the venom of her words.

    He leaned down and she could smell the alcohol still on his breath along with a mixture of his aftershave and sweat. “We shall see who’s fucking who.” He pulled the comforter completely off her body and exposed it to the cool air of the room.

    She could feel her naked skin tighten with goose bumps as she steeled herself from his advances. She felt h is fingers at the entrance of her pussy, and she willed herself closed. He forced himself into her, his nails scratching at her delicate skin. “You’re mine, you bitch!” He said as he finger fucked her. “I buy you drinks, listen to you whine, watch you in your sexy little dress and you fucking don’t put out?” His movements were forceful and rough, but she felt her body respond automatically to his advances. Despite herself she was getting wet. “Nothing a little roofie couldn’t fix.”

    His hand slipped out of her cunt and immediately came down on her ass. A smack rang out through the room and she screamed out in pain, hoping someone will hear. He continued to spank her, making her ass red and cheeks wet with tears.

    Just when she couldn’t take it anymore the phone rang. He muttered under his breath as he answered it, “Hello? What? Sorry the TV must be too loud.” She could hear his one sided conversation as she sobbed into the sheets. “Oh, no problem. Yeah, one thing, you know if the Concierge was able to get those tickets for tomorrow?” After a pause he hung up the phone.

    As she laid there and wept, she felt herself enjoying the sting and wanted more.

  3. "I’m sorry, could you repeat that?" I just knew my mouth was hanging open as I stared at the man in front of me. There was no way he could have just said what I thought he had. His smile must have short circuited my brain.

    "I said, your ass is just begging to be bent over my lap. Would you like that baby? Would you like me to take you to my room, undress you, lay you over my knee and set it on fire? I bet it would look amazing with my hand prints all over it."

    I looked up and tried to hide how much his words effected me. I knew I wasn’t successful when his smirk grew. “Look, Mr. Kane-"

    "Call me Josh," he murmured, reaching out and brushing his hand over mine.

    “Alright, look Josh, as much as that offer intrigues me, as a guest of this hotel, I am unable to spend any time with you outside of a professional content." I applauded my voice for not shaking as I struggled to sound business-like under his intense stare.

    Before I could say a word, he winked, got up from the desk and was gone. It took a moment for me to school my thoughts and return to work.

    By ten o’clock that night, I was wiped. An impromptu arrival of a tour bus kept me busy for hours and by the time I clocked out and placed a closed sign over the concierge plaque on my desk, all I wanted was a hot shower and a pillow. I waved to Christine behind the front desk and slipped out of the employee entrance to head to my car. Before I could open my door, a strong pair of arms grabbed my from behind, one circling my waist and the other clamping over my mouth before I could cry out.

    Hot breath tickled my ear as a voice whispered, “I thought about your excuse for denying me today." I fought a shiver as a tongue traced my ear before teeth bit down on the lobe. “I decided that I don’t give a shit about professionalism Brent. I want your ass."

    I moaned as a hard cock ground against my ass. Suddenly I found myself spun around and I looked up into the face of the man that held court in every one of my fantasies. He smirked at me and winked before dragging me to the little gazebo the employees used during the day for breaks. Without a word to me, he sat down on the bench and yanked me over his lap.

    "What the hell Josh," I squeaked as his hands kneaded my ass through my pants. I knew he could feel my erection digging into his lap and I fought the urge to rut against his thigh.

    "You have a choice Brent. Only one. You can either help me get these pants off, or I will rip them open. One way or another, this is happening."

    I froze for a split second before reaching around and under his leg to pop open my slacks. I did NOT want to try driving home with my ass hanging out of ripped pants. My luck, I would get pulled over and have to explain. Yeah… no.

    As soon as I had the buttons open and the zipper lowered, Josh lifted my hips up and yanked my pants to my knees. I moaned loudly as he rubbed his hand over my butt cheek, dipping the tips of his fingers into the cleft to ghost over my hole. I shivered at the feeling, trying to deny my desire for more.

    I heard a soft sigh above me and a murmured “perfect", right before a mini explosion detonated on my backside. The fire from his hand slamming onto my ass flashed through my body and straight to my cock, causing me to moan. Without a break, his landed just as hard on the other cheek, and I felt my cock begin to leak.

    One after another, the slaps fell on my ass, causing a firestorm in my body. I felt light headed, not just from how I was laying across Josh’s lap, but from the how my body was reacting to his hand on my body. It was as if every nerve ending was signing praise. Shouting a chorus of “yes!" to the sky with every strike to my sensitive flesh. I lost count of how many slaps my ass received, instead I allowed my body to rock into every one, welcoming the fire and sting.

    When the slapping stopped, I was panting, but enough of my mind was aware enough to know that my breath was not the only one fast and harsh in the sudden quiet.

    1. I have to admit that I got a little tingly when the guy slipped up behind and nibbled on his ear. Very hot.

  4. Compliance

    Closing his lap top Kevin sat back pondering what he had just read. How was he supposed to write a story about something he’s never experienced? As he backed away from the desk his chair bumped against the bed and he grumbled about hotel rooms being way too small.

    Kevin was on road trip with a few of his employees for a stupid continuing education conference and now he was bored, really bored. A writer by secret, he recently joined a writers group under a pen name trying to learn more about his passion. To survive the boredom of this trip he decided to participate in one of the group’s weekly challenges. The problem was he couldn’t figure out what to write about having never really experienced anything related to the topic. Suddenly, he knew what he had to do. He had to experience it to write about it. Kevin called down to the hotel concierge desk and asked for Nicole’s room number.

    Nicole had been in the shower when her phone began ringing so she ignored it but whoever was on the other end was persistent and would not stop until she answered. When she finally did, her bosses voice boomed over the line telling her needed to see her now. She quickly dressed and headed to his room.

    Kevin fidgeted as he waited for Nicole. He could not believe he was about to do this. How can his wanting to be a writer drive him to even consider doing such a thing? He likened this to his being a method actor and needing to live the life they portray. I wonder if there is such a thing as a method writer he thought to himself.
    Nicole was nervous as she knocked on the door. What could the boss want with her at his hotel room? She really needed this job she thought to herself. She struggled with what she suspected was about to happen. How far was she willing to go just to have a paycheck? It seems she was about to find out.

    Kevin nervously invited Nicole in. He began to tell Nicole how things were tough at the company and some people needed to do extra work. She was one of those people. He could see the fear in her eye and oddly enough found himself aroused.

    Nicole watched as her boss sat on the bed and asked her over. He asked her if she wanted her job and then he asked her if she had ever been spanked. She simply said, yes and no. She knew what was coming next. She never really heard the rest of his words as she moved over to him bending over his lap. Her heart raced as he peeled up her skirt and she felt the sting of his calloused hand on her bare ass. The only thing she could think about at that moment as tears streamed down her face was how her daddy never hit her.

    1. This was nicely developed. I like how he was unsure and nervous but he didn't let on to Nicole. I'd love to see this turned into a longer story. *hint*

  5. The need.
    It was only two month ago that she left him. Eight weeks she was free from his evil claws he called a relationship. Free from his manipulating lies and his extremely violent games. Five years of her live she had spend in his world. Not all Five where bad though. The first were good, but then rules faded.

    After she left him she started to run, but she was not so sure anymore. She travelled from hotel to hotel without a final destination. As the days went by a new feeling came hunting her at night. She used to have nightmares about his violent ways of loving her, but these bad dreams slowly faded. It was the fading that gave her the scare, because the more they faded away the more she regretted the dissection to run away. Sometimes a nightmare reminded her that leaving was the only good way of stopping the violence, but more often now she was getting an empty feeling. A feeling got in to her, of being forgotten and alone.

    A voice inside her head was happy she did run from the beatings that left her psychologically scarred. His ways of expressing love to her where kinky at first. The games they played where exciting and fun, but they got more and more violent and he even managed just before she left to leave her with a permanent limp in her left leg.
    The violence had stopped and pain disappeared and made place for a feeling she was even more scared of. Brushes and deep blue marks had slowly disappeared and now she was getting that empty feeling. It scared her that her body was now screaming for some pain.

    Some nights when she got these feelings she would try to hurt herself while she was masturbating. She would pull her pussy lips till she got the pain satisfaction she was hunkering for. Or she would pull her own hair as hard as she could just before she reached an orgasm. She even dripped hot candle wax over her body just to feel some of the erotic pain she like in the beginning of her nightmare relationship. Still it was not enough and that’s why she started this new game. A game she had made the rules for and could control.

    The phone rang on the exact time she explained in her note. The note she left at the desk of the small country hotel. She picked up the phone and could hear the nervous voice of the concierge, confirming he agreed to the demands in the note. He would be coming up to her room in 10 minutes. This gave her the time to dress in her most sexy lingerie and to give the room an erotic glow of candlelight and sandalwood sent.

    “Bring a tool to spank me with, and I will promise you I will please your wildest dreams”, she said with a hush voice to the caller.

    Erik November, inspired by Tessa Kealey’ writing contest 10/7/2013, and the music of Parov Stelar. ( on Google+ The Erotic Writers Group.

    1. I liked the evolution of this woman's life. She went from hating the abuse, leaving him, missing the pain but taking control of it and making it work for her.

  6. Parking Lot.

    The smell hits me first, stale cigarettes and really strong stench of alcohol. I try and step out of the way but I’m dazed shocked maybe. I try and shout out but I can’t, my throat and mouth completely dry. I try to move in an attempt to escape. I fling my arm around, fully stretched with the key still in my hand like a small blade.
    “Bitch” they spit I can tell it’s a man but I can’t see his face. He grabs me by the back of the neck and pushes me against the rear window of my car, then leans himself into me.
    “Think your hard do ya bitch” I feel his saliva hit the back of my neck.
    Fear hits me I can’t think straight, shit think, I can’t move. I’m literally frozen with fear. I hear my phone ringing from my bag. I always answer hopefully whoever it is will think it strange and come and save me.
    I shout in my head, why didn’t I wait for Mat the concierge. He offered to walk me down if I waited a few minutes.
    He grabs my hair, then forces me against the car. My arms are forced behind me and he wraps something around my elbows bounding them together. He lifts the skirt of my uniform above my waist, grabs my underwear and rips it from me; the delicate material is pulled across my sensitive skin I yelp quietly.
    “You see your beautiful ass; I’ve wanted to beat it for so long, the way you show it off in you tight skirts.” I feel a sting across my bare backside. I lose count how many times he spanks me.
    I feel his fingers penetrate me “See I knew you wanted me your pussy is so hot and wet. I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll never forget me” His stale stench is starting to assault all my senses and I think I’m going to be sick.
    “No Please stop, please”
    “No one can hear you bitch” He pushes harder into me then lowers my upper body so my ass is high in the air “look at that ass, all pink from my hand, maybe I should fuck it as well”
    His pace quickens his breathing raged; his hand makes contact with my burning ass and strikes me another five time.
    “Oh fuck yes, that’s it yeah” He stills filling me.
    I wince when he withdraws. He unties my hands and I sink to the floor tears streaming down my checks, makeup smudged.
    I don’t know how long I sat there for cold and shaking. I hear someone approaching. Oh god not again. I gingerly raise my head and see Mat heading towards me. His breathing heavy as If he’s just ran a marathon. Oh thank god a friendly face. As he approaches he seems tense well I am in a bit of a state and just been attacked.
    But no, that’s not it.

    1. I saw this scene perfectly. It was well done. Was it Mat? It was Mat, right?

  7. The phone to her room rang as Abby sighed and picked it up. "Hello", Abby said trying to sound cheerful. "Hey Abb's, we're having a party in Becca's room and figured we should invite you. We all gotta get to know each other at some point, right?" Said the voice at the other end of the line that Abby recognized as Trish. "Sure Trish, I'll come on over." Abby said as she inwardly felt her muscles tense in apprehension. Hanging up the phone she stood up from her bed and checked herself in the mirror before grabbing her hotel keycard and walking out of the room. As she walked down the hall to the room Becca was staying in she just kept wondering what sort of mocking the other cheerleaders were going to have planned for her now, but she refused to be intimidated by them.

    She finally got to the room and knocked trying to make herself look confident. The door opened and Abby walked in and gasped as two of the other girls grabbed her by the arms and pulled her into the room. Someone behind her shut the door as they wrestled her onto the bed. Abby tried to fight back but the group of girls were just too many. They had her on her stomach and held her there as someone pulled her clothes off. Abby screamed and someone slapped her hard across her bare ass. "Scream again and it will just be harder." She heard Becca say. Abby tried to throw the girls off her, and felt another hand spank her ass hard enough that she yelped. "What the fuck are you doing?" Abby said through her clenched jaw. "Initiation, now shut up." Becca said again as she walked around the bed. "Tie her up" Becca said motioning to the girls.

    The girls flipped her while she fought them as they tied her spread eagle onto the bed. She heard a knock on the door and tried to yell for help but one of the girls shoved a sock into her mouth. "It's the order from the concierge, you should be excited." Into the room stepped a bell boy with a tray of food. "Come here bell boy, there's a big tip for you if you want some extra work." Becca said as the he walked inside and saw Abby's tied down naked body. "Um what do you want me to do?" He stuttered as he stared. "I want you to fuck our little friend." Becca stated as one of the other girls ran her finger down Abby's stomach and slapped her pussy hard. Abby grunted and hoped the man would help her but saw that wasn't going to happen as he started taking off his pants, his large cock already erect.

    1. I liked the surprise here. When the girls pulled her in, I was thinking lesbian force. That's hot. They basically forced the guy to do their bidding. Nicely done.