Friday, July 12, 2013

Contest Winner!

Before I announce the winner, let me explain the process I used to come up with the winning entry. I wanted to be as fair and impartial as possible. I had a friend copy and paste the stories into a Word document. I'd stayed away from the comments and didn't read the stories as they came in. It was a blind reading since there were no names attached to the stories. I eliminated a few with word counts over 500. The rest I graded from 0-5 based on the story itself, originality, heat level, whether it was interesting and compelling. With all that said, here we get to the exciting part!

The winner is..... *drum rolllllll*

John Satisfy

She woke up disoriented. The last thing she remembered was being at the bar with Gary from accounting drinking cosmos. The rest of the night was bit fuzzy.

She felt the soft sheets beneath her and the smooth comforter on top of her. She looked around and could tell that she was in a hotel room. She must have followed him back to his room and blacked out. She was so embarrassed, she never did that.

She was a little foggy but knew she had to sneak out before seeing his face again. She just wanted to curl up and disappear. As she tried to roll over she realized her limbs were heavy. She used a little more effort and realized that they were more than just heavy; they were tied down to the bed.

A feeling of panic flashed through her as she struggled against her bonds which only resulted in the comforter tangling around her. She looked around, about to scream out when a light flicked on in the corner of the room. She could see the silhouette as he approached her helpless form.

“I see you decided to join us, my little cock tease.” His voice was harsh, angry.

“Fuck you, Asshole!” She shouted, specks of spit flying out along with the venom of her words.

He leaned down and she could smell the alcohol still on his breath along with a mixture of his aftershave and sweat. “We shall see who’s fucking who.” He pulled the comforter completely off her body and exposed it to the cool air of the room.

She could feel her naked skin tighten with goose bumps as she steeled herself from his advances. She felt h is fingers at the entrance of her pussy, and she willed herself closed. He forced himself into her, his nails scratching at her delicate skin. “You’re mine, you bitch!” He said as he finger fucked her. “I buy you drinks, listen to you whine, watch you in your sexy little dress and you fucking don’t put out?” His movements were forceful and rough, but she felt her body respond automatically to his advances. Despite herself she was getting wet. “Nothing a little roofie couldn’t fix.”

His hand slipped out of her cunt and immediately came down on her ass. A smack rang out through the room and she screamed out in pain, hoping someone will hear. He continued to spank her, making her ass red and cheeks wet with tears.

Just when she couldn’t take it anymore the phone rang. He muttered under his breath as he answered it, “Hello? What? Sorry the TV must be too loud.” She could hear his one sided conversation as she sobbed into the sheets. “Oh, no problem. Yeah, one thing, you know if the Concierge was able to get those tickets for tomorrow?” After a pause he hung up the phone.

As she laid there and wept, she felt herself enjoying the sting and wanted more.


Here's a link to John's blog if you'd like to go see some more of his work. 

Thanks to everyone who participated. It was exciting to see your work. I loved all your stories, and I considered a participation prize for everyone, but that didn't seem fair to the winner. It was tough coming up with a winner from all the amazing stories. 

I'm considering this more often going forward but honestly, I have a hard time judging other people's work. Maybe I could get some guest judges in the future then it would take the pressure off me!


  1. Wow, thanks Tessa! I'm really honored, there were a lot of great entries.

    I loved the idea of the competition, being "bound" by those prompts. Trying to work within the 500 word limit and mention all of the prompts was a terrific challenge. Thanks for coming up with a such great competition. It was nice to try a darker sort of story for a change.

    1. I'll be doing a bit more promotion tomorrow announcing your win! I'll be finishing up the blog sticker for you, too. Just a little fun something for you to put on your blog if you like. Contact me with your choice for which book of mine that you want, and I'll give you a coupon code for Smashwords.

    2. congratulations to you, John Satisfy! well deserved, its a great story. and thanks to Tessa for running this kind of competition, I love it.

    3. Thanks for coming to play on my blog, Erik!