Monday, June 10, 2013

Menage Monday: Grateful

It's like Thanksgiving in June. Over the weekend, I was watching my twitter feed roll past. Still not used to that thing. It moves so quickly. One tweet caught my eye. Actually, one word caught my eye since the stupid thing went by so fast. Grateful.

Instant Menage Monday topic!

What I'm grateful for, and of course, it's all about sex.

(On a side note, while looking for pictures of dildos, I ran across a twitter handle called Moms Against Dildos. Hysterical.)

I'm grateful for BDSM where things like this can happen, and everybody comes away from it satisfied and happy.

(Being filled in every hole: Priceless)

Being able to submit to a Master with the ability to hurt me while loving me at the same time.

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