Thursday, May 16, 2013

Time Off

I'm not going to be blogging this weekend. No Flash Friday, Serial Saturday or Menage Monday. I'll be back next week. I need a week to refresh my brain, and I have other things that need doing.

The Fall is coming along nicely. At least I think so. Maybe now is a good time to ask for feedback. We're at the half-way point.

What did you love about The Fall? What fell flat for you? Did you want to see more from side characters? What did you think about the development of Ivory and Fist. 

Any constructive comments or suggestions for future episodes are appreciated. Come on, now's the time to comment, shy people! If you want to do so anonymously, I'll leave anonymous feedback as long as they aren't trolling comments. And even those I might leave on the blog if they make me laugh. 

Miss me tons!


  1. Well taking time off is always important. Don't want to burn out! Hope that your weekend off is relaxing and you come back with even more naughtiness! :)

    1. I hope to come back renewed. Burnout sucks. I've felt it nibbling at the edges of my creativity. Not a good sign. Sadly, I have to catch up on some other work for the day job first, but I plan on finding some time to relax, too.