Monday, April 08, 2013

Menage Monday: Erotic Story Websites
Picture by *Val-Mont at Deviant Art
Today my Menage Monday will be about my favorite erotic story websites. These websites allow amateur writers to submit their stories for others to read. They have a social aspect to them. Readers will make comments, rate their stories and some writers can get quite the following of fans from these sites.

This is probably the most popular site for erotic stories. Thousands of writers have used Literotica to post their work. I have a couple of stories here myself. I like how interactive it can be. There are trolls here like any other place that lets people comment anonymously, but most feedback is thoughtful and constructive.

This site is easy to search. If there is something you are looking for specifically, you can enter the advanced search function, search by author, title or keyword. The keyword option will also give you the choice to exclude certain words which is a great addon. If I'm looking for non-consent, I can choose to exclude the word bondage or rough sex. (Though I would never do that!)

I've only found this site recently, but it looks interesting. It's pretty easy to navigate. I'm considering submitting a story or two here. Depends on how sincere the feedback appears.  

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