Friday, April 19, 2013

Flash Friday: Flashes of Pain

Flashes of Pain

Since I recently published a new story, the promotion has been on my mind. Flash Friday today will be flashes of pain. Basically, a small scene from Simone Captured.

She couldn't take her eyes off the knife. Her whole being was focused on the blade and whether it would cut her or not. No matter how bad the situation right now, or what it might be later, she wanted to live through this.

The knife slipped between her breasts. The cold steel brushed against her flesh lightly as it parted her dress all the way to the neckline. He peeled apart the neatly sliced sections and left the tattered dress open hanging from her sides. He made quick work of her panties with a flick of the knife at each string. With a delicate touch, he pinched the material and slowly pulled it away from her sex.

He strolled back to the cabinet to put the knife away and make another choice from the torture devices the cabinet was storing. He turned and held up two items for her approval or denial taunting her with choices. One was a large, flesh-colored dildo, and the other was a black riding crop.

"First your punishment, Simone. Then your reward if you're good and you scream for me the way I want you to."

He laid the dildo on a nearby table and approached her with the riding crop. "I want you to think about why I'm punishing you, Simone."

She couldn't stay still, although, she knew it was impossible to get out of the restraints. Her breasts shook with each movement. His gaze traveled her body from breasts to stomach to pussy. There was heat and desire in his face.  

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