Monday, March 25, 2013

Menage Monday: Writing Blogs

Today's Menage Monday topic is not about sex. I know, I know. Shocking! But it can't always be about sex.

It is about writing, though, which is my second love after sex.

I'm going to share some of the blogs and websites I visit the most, and are the ones I check back with once or twice a week for little tidbits I might have missed. They are full of great tips and helpful information on being a better writer, which I try for every day, and the business side of writing. We all dream of getting paid for what we love doing.

I'm not quite at that point. I could buy a cup of coffee with what I've earned as an erotica writer but no coffee for my friends. They go dry and coffeeless if it was left to me, so I can't wave my arms at these blogs and say, “That's how I became a success.” These blogs set me on a road that will one day pay off. Of that, I am sure.

This blog is one of the first ones I read where he talked openly and honestly about actual monetary figures of self-publishing with Amazon. He writes thrillers and police procedurals so I've had to tweak his advice for my own situation, but isn't that true of a lot of advice?

This blog was extremely helpful and I check back almost daily. She writes in a humorous style that cracks me up while throwing tons of good, useful information your way including links to books on the craft of writing. I must have twelve bookmarks saved for books I need to read that she has recommended.

The third link is hard to choose. I have a few other blogs that I read like the Smashwords blog which has specific details on self-publishing or the Absolute write forums which had tons of helpful advice for erotica promotion.

I ended up choosing Camp Nanowrimo which isn't a blog with advice, but this great writing site that will join you up with other writers. The goal is to write 50k words in 30 days. The official nanowrimo event is in November, but last November I got stuck on my novel then I got distracted writing short stories. I'm working on delayed gratification. Anyway, I tossed that novel in a deep, dark hole. Camp Nano is a scaled down version of the November event. I'm not digging that old novel out. I'm kicking more dirt over it. I have a fresh idea, and I'm determined to finish this time. It's doable. I've seen others with their little “Winner” tags.

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