Monday, March 18, 2013

Menage Monday: What I love

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with blog topics for weeks now. Actually, I’d start thinking about it, get distracted by my newest story’s low word count, (they always seem too low to me) or by something shiny on the interwebs.
That’s why there hasn’t been much on the blog except promotions. Not because I only care about you buying stuff from me. I mean I do want you to buy, read and love stories from me (let’s not be silly!), but I’d like to connect with people on a more basic level online. Which means I should share myself or something like that. I can’t really share myself, though, that would get me into trouble.
My point is that I’ll have more blog topics in the next few weeks. For Monday, I’ve decided on Menage Monday where I’ll list three things I love and why. (See what I did there?)
1. I Love Quirky People.
I do; I love them. They say and do random things that are completely unexpected. You never know what kind of awesomeness will pop out of their mouths to shock you. They are not predictable, boring or serious. I’ve sat talking for hours with a quirky person about the weirdest topics. It might be because they call to my own inner quirk.
2. I Love Kinky People
People that are kinky and have no problem embracing that fact are a special treat. By this, I don’t mean people who are crude, loud and share their kinks in an over-the-top way strictly for the shock value. I mean the ones who openly share their kinks for others who are not as comfortable in their sexuality. They blaze the kinky trail with kindness and honesty. They embrace the kink and don’t shove it in other people’s faces as a violent assault on the senses.
3. I Love Funny People
I didn’t plan on this becoming about the kinds of people that I love, but there it is. So, following the theme, my last choice is funny people. This category includes quirky people but isn’t limited to them. Laughter is an amazing thing. What is shocking to me is that not everyone has a sense of humor. They go through life never laughing. They may politely chuckle, but they have never laughed until they feel like they may pee themselves. Funny people provide those laughs. I love them for it.
What do you think? Ever wonder how some people wander through life with no sense of humor? Or do you think quirky people are just weird?

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