Friday, March 29, 2013

Flash Friday

Flashes of Fiction

An excerpt from Seen

He lifted her right leg which had her scrambling to keep from falling. It put more weight on her hands causing the window to rattle in its frame as she shifted position. She vaguely wondered if it would crack out of its frame to send her tumbling out into space. Quinn only wondered in an off-hand way since she was more concerned about what he was doing to her body now. He had lifted her leg, so it was partially wrapped around to his back with her foot behind him. The shifting and twisting brought renewed burning from her ass because his cock had to rotate inside her as she moved.

He winced as he pulled out of her ass. "God. Your ass is tight enough to cause me pain. Stay still unless you want to fall on your face. I want to be able to get to your clit. I want our audience to see you orgasm while I'm fucking your ass."

Mention of the audience brought her gaze back to her guy across the courtyard. He was unemotional as always. He never betrayed his arousal. All these months of exhibitionist shows for him, it had been her goal to see him stroke himself while watching her. Finally, she saw him shifting from one leg to the other and finally touching his cock through his pants. She noticed his bulge. The evidence of his arousal, the arousal she'd worked so hard to see, was a jolt to her.

She moaned.

The intruder laughed. "All this time it was for him, huh? Even now, it's all about him. That's okay. It's my cock fucking your virgin ass, so I'm content with that."

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